Top 10 Most Comfortable Pregnancy Pillows In 2017

With so many options to choose from, finding a comfortable pregnancy pillow is of utmost importance to most women. Not only to provide comfort, but also to give you sufficient room for sleeping or napping during the day and evening. These are the Top 10 Most Comfortable Pregnancy Pillows In 2017 for women looking for optimal comfort during their pregnancy.

Total body pillow

The over sized pillow comes with a sherpa cover, it is ultra cozy and warm, and the micro plush finish allows you to use it comfortably through the night. With the simple contour design, you can easily twist and turn it to fit your body perfectly, regardless of how you sleep during your pregnancy.

Today’s Mommy

The pillow features a comfort shoulder feature allowing you to lay on your back of side comfortably while pregnant. It keeps your belly cushioned as you lie on your side, has an inner curve to protect your stomach, and is designed to contour to the body overnight keeping your comfortable while you sleep.

Pillow Wedge

The wedge design supports the belly to avoid pulling or stretching, especially as you get further along in your pregnancy. It provides full, firm support for the neck and back, as well as the wedge which sits directly below the belly, so you can lay down on your side comfortably as you sleep.

Leachco Prego

With bands to adjust the ventilation opening, you decide how much room is needed for your belly, allowing for optimal comfort as you lay down with this pillow. The inner contours follow your stomach’s curves, allowing you to lay down comfortably, no matter which position you lay down when sleeping.


The u-shape design provides full protection and elevation for your belly as you sleep. The heavier size and weight allows you to cuddle with the pillow while sleeping, and the thinner ends of the pillow allow you to easily wrap your legs around the ends, providing more padding while you sleep.

Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow

A gusseted neck and shoulder area gives you more cushioning and support, and the bulge keeps your belly elevated as you sleep to provide protection for the baby overnight. An inner curve supports your belly, and it has contours which make it perfect for cuddling and caressing overnight as well.

Snoogle Chic

A unique c shape design allows you to hug and lay down with this pillow in a variety of positions, for optimal levels of comfort while you sleep. It provides support for your belly, as well as your neck, hips, and back, to help avoid pain or discomfort, especially as you get further along in your pregnancy.

J Shaped

The distinct j shaped pillow perfectly contours to your body, and the position you like to sleep in. The soft sherpa exterior cover is going to provide you with a great cuddle partner, and will keep you cool while you sleep with the pillow as well. Thinner ends allow for cuddling and wrapping your arms and legs around the ends.

Leachco Back N’ Belly

Full body supports allows you to lay down on your back or on your sides when sleeping with this pillow. The unique design supports back and neck health, and has a wedge to help prevent reflux or heart burn, especially as you progress towards the later stages of your pregnancy.

C Shaped Pillow

Helps to prevent sciatica pain, heart burn and reflux, and other conditions most women tend to experience at some point in their pregnancy. The unique design supports both the back and belly, and the wrap around design perfectly contours to your stomach, no matter how big it gets during your pregnancy.

Most women tend to experience different levels of discomfort, at some point in time during their pregnancy. Sometimes the right pillow can do the trick, and help to alleviate this discomfort you are experiencing. Not only will these pillows provide you with the additional support you need, but will help to alleviate stress, and other discomforts you experience as you move through the pregnancy. No matter how far along you are, these are some great options to consider, when trying to find the ideal body and pregnancy pillow to purchase.

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