Top 10 Best Portable Ice Makers in 2017

If you want a good supply of fresh ice at home, in your RV, on your boat or anywhere you have standard electricity, whether to make ice cream or cold beverages, then you need a reliable portable ice maker. Portable ice makers do not need a water connection. You just add regular water and in minutes, instead of hours, you’ll have ice. Whether it’s the middle of summer and everyone wants cold drinks, or you’re having a party or even if a neighbor is having a party and needs extra ice, you’ve got it covered with an ice maker that will do the job.

The amount of ice that these ice makers make is measured in pounds per day. Common units make from about 26 pounds per day to 50 pounds per day and more. These units are counter top size and come several colors and finishes, including stainless steel, which is nice if you have stainless steel appliances. They are reasonably affordable and will save you money when you don’t have to buy ice.

These top 10 best portable ice makers in 2017 review are among the highest rated products in the market, which can make a great addition to your kitchen or restaurant.

IGLOO ice maker

Looking to prepare homemade ice cream and other ice-cold desserts? Then, this freestanding, yet completely portable ice maker is the ultimate product for you. This freestanding ice maker by Igloo can produce as much as 26 pounds of fresh ice each day, so you no longer have to run out of ice or buy a few bags for your needs. This unit comes in a compact and easy-to-carry design, which is perfect for use in your boat, RV or even in a small kitchen. Most importantly, this ice maker is easy to use since all you need is to plug it in and wait for about 15 minutes for water to form into fresh ice.

Sunpentown Ice Maker (with LCD)

This is a stylish portable ice maker that comes in a stainless steel body to complement your kitchen’s design. It can make up to 35 pounds of fresh ice a day, and this can produce at least 12 ice cubes in as fast as 10 minutes or less. What’s more, you can choose at least three different sizes of ice cubes to make, depending on your preference. With CFC-free efficient compressor, and 1.2 gallon reservoir for water, this product is the best choice for your needs.

MaxiMatic Portable Ice Maker

Whenever you need a good amount of ice a day, then this portable ice maker is the perfect item for you. It allows you to make a maximum of 35 pounds of ice daily, and you can choose from 3 sizes of ice based on your preference. For each batch, there are 12 pieces of fresh ice that you can make, and all you need is to check the indicator light for the current status of the machine. A light turns on to indicate the need to refill water or when there is enough ice formed. Just check the clear view window to know once there is ice available inside the unit.

Avanti Countertop Ice Maker

This stunning ice maker has a sleek and slim design that can fit perfectly on your narrow countertop. You can use this unit to produce about 26 pounds of ice a day, and you can choose from a small or large ice container. It also has a large tank where you can put water.

Portable Ice Maker

You can count on this ice maker to produce the finest fresh ice at about 27 pounds in a matter of 24 hours. There are three different sizes of ice cubes to choose from, and you can make about 9 ice cubes for each cycle. Made of high quality plastic, you can be sure that this unit will last for a number of years.

NewAir Ice Maker

Make up to 28 pounds of ice a day with this portable ice maker by New Air. It offers you a chance to make ice in three different sizes, and all you have to do is to plug it and turn the unit on to let it produce fresh ice in minutes. With side rain and push button controls, this machine is easy to use and a breeze to clean.

ICE Compact Countertop Ice Maker

Need a large supply of fresh ice for your beverage or cold desserts? Forget about buying some at the store since you can make your own ice at home using this portable ice maker. In 6 minutes, you can make a batch of fresh ice, and it can even make 26 pounds of ice in a day. The water reservoir can hold up to 2.3 quarts, and there are electronic LED controls for your convenience.

iGloo Portable Ice Maker

This is a compact and user-friendly ice maker that fits perfectly in your countertop. If you want to make a good amount of fresh ice, then this product is for you because it allows you to have about 26 pounds of ice in a day. There are 2 different sizes of ice to choose from, and you can store water in the 2.3-quart tank equippped with LED electronic controls.

Rox Handy Ice Ball Maker

Make ball-shaped ice anytime you want using this unit. You will like how this nifty unit can create perfectly round ice cubes with smooth top, which you can use for your drinks or dessert. The unit is made of BPA-free silicone material that is completely food-grade, so it does not cause any hazards to your health.

Magic Chef Countertop Ice Maker

Topping this list of ice makers is this product by Magic Chef. It can produce a maximum of 27 pounds of ice within 24 hours, and there are 3 sizes of ice cubes to choose from. The top window is made of see-through material that lets you check the ice cubes as they form, and there is a side drain for quick maintenance. Lastly, the ice and water level indicator tells you if the tank needs to be filled up or if the unit is already full of ice.

Grab one of these portable ice makers now and experience the convenience of making ice it the comfort of your own home.

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