What Are The Top 10 Best Pop Up Canopies? – 2018 Edition

While regular tents certainly have plenty of uses, sometimes they’re a bit too bulky and time-consuming to set up. If you’re looking for a faster, more portable shelter solution, try a pop-up canopy.

Pop-up canopy tents are an easy and affordable way to create a temporary shield against the elements. They protect against sun, rain and more. Popular during camping trips, beach visits and other outdoor spots, canopy tents are easy to setup, transport and store.

When shopping for a pop up canopy tent you want to consider construction materials, weight, portability, coverage area, affordability and more. Finding the best pop up canopy tent for your needs can be complicated, especially because you can’t try out the tent in a variety of real-world weather conditions. But we’re here to help. Your complete guide to the 10 best pop up canopies starts right now:

Delta Canopies Commercial Pop-Up Party Tent

With a heavy-duty steel frame and durable nylon connectors, this ten by 20 foot party tent is designed for large groups and rough weather. This is an upgraded model from a classic Delta Canopies tent which now includes an upgrade F-Model Frame for additional stability, even in windy and wet weather.

Although this is a large tent, it’s also very portable. An included carry bag with wheels lets you easily pull the tent to the placement location. Heavy-duty polyester with PVC coating keeps out rain and snow.

This tent includes four removable window sidewalls, two removable doors and a cross truss roof design. It can be open to allow for ventilation on hot days or closed to keep folks warm in winter. Commercial quality and suitable for year-round use.

Amazon Basics Pop Up Canopy

Not every canopy needs walls and doors. Sometimes you just want a simple solution to block the sun. This Pop Up Canopy from Amazon Basics creates 96 square feet of shade and blocks 99% of UV rays.

This canopy is 10 by 10 feet with a high-grade steel frame. Although a powder coating has been applied to help prevent rust and corrosion, this canopy isn’t designed for excessive use in rain or wind (a brief summer storm is fine).

Transportation is easy. The canopy folds down to a wheeled bag which is easy to move and store. A simple, easy and affordable solution for anywhere you need shade.

Eurmax 10’by 10’ EZ Pop-Up Canopy Tent

Stay out of the sun in style with this large white canopy tent. Includes four removable side walls and four sandbags (although you have to provide your own sand). These tents have a classic look suitable for parties, weddings and other outdoor events.

Easy lock and release frame is quick to set-up and sturdy. Suitable for commercial use. Lightweight fabric blocks 95% of UV rays and is 100% waterproof. Seams are also sealed against water. Fits into two large bags for storage in a closet or garage.

Punchau Pop-Up Canopy Tent with Side Wall

A hard-to-miss blue, these canopy tents are great for trade shows, on-campus events, public gatherings and more. Each tent is ten by ten feet. Made from commercial-grade materials, it protects against the sun and rain with an included side panel.

Setup and takedown are both simple thanks to a Quick Release Button. Three different heights are available, adjustability which isn’t found in all pop up tents. Plus, the inside of the tent has no crossbar, so tall folks won’t have to crouch when standing inside.

Punchau Pop-Up Canopy Tent

Another offering from Punchau, this pop-up tent has the same durability as the previous tent, but with a different look, style and focus. White with a black metal support structure, and minus the side wall, this tent is better suited for more formal events such as a garden party, graduation party or even a wedding.

Each tent covers 100 square feet and has three different height adjustments. Includes a carrying bag and four stakes. When folded into the bag, it will easily fit into a trunk. Setup and takedown both take less than a minute to perform. (Or so the manufacturer claims. In our tests assembly took more than a minute but was still pretty fast.)

TopCamp 10 by 10 Pop Up Canopy Tent

A big tent which provides plenty of protection for parties, trade shows and other busy events. The 10 by 10 Canopy Tent from TopCamp has four walls which be individually opened and closed depending on your privacy needs.

The heavy fabric is off-white for a slightly rustic look. Walls can be rolled back onto the support poles to create a classic cabana look. Setup is simple with a thumb latch lock system. A Big Foot Pad made from nylon and double-thick iron plate helps keep the tent secure even in rough weather. Overall, this is one of the more durable commercial canopy options.

American Phoenix Portable Event Canopy Tent

This is a bright blue tent with a pointed top that’s sure to draw a crowd. Although sold as a wedding tent, the bold colors and eye-catching design makes it great for outdoor markets, fairs and other public events.

Three size options are available: 10 by 10, 10 by 15 and 10 by 20. The fabric is made from water-resistant Oxford cloth and the white metal framework is coated with rust and corrosion resistant powder.

With no side walls and wide-open entry points, this canopy is one of the few which can easily fit most standard sized automobiles.

OutSunny Pop Up Party Tent

Perfect for summertime fun at the beach! The OutSunny Pop Up tent is all-white with a peaked roof and a cathedral-style ceiling. Lightweight, open and easy to carry, this tent is great for keeping the sun away while relaxing beachside, lakeside, poolside and more. Include a silver undercoating to help under-tent temps nice and cool.

The height is adjustable thanks to the easy-to-use telescoping legs. The entire tent is one piece so you don’t have to fumble around with legs and fabric. Includes a custom carry bag. While this tent probably isn’t fancy enough for a wedding or strong enough for a storm, it’s a portable and affordable shade against the sun.

Quik Shade GO

This canopy tent is great for campers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Measuring seven by seven feet, the tent provides 36 square feet of shade with a canopy and one wall. Height is adjustable up to a maximum for five foot ten inches tall.

Instead of a carrying case, you get a sturdy 600D polyester backpack with zippered pockets. The tent’s frame, top and half-panel all fit easily into the backpack. If you’re walking or hiking to a location where you need shade, the Quik Shade GO is an excellent travel partner.

BenefitUSA EZ Pop Up Wedding Party Tent

An affordable solution for any outdoor wedding, the EZ Pop Up Wedding Tent from BenefitUSA has a gazebo-style design with four white walls and two ventilated net windows. Total size is ten by ten feet.

Heavy-duty connectors provide a strong, wind-resistant structure while the fabric blocks water and up to 95% of UV rays. The two ventilated sides allow these tents to be used for food preparation and service, as smoke is allowed to disperse but the tent still keeps bugs away.

The beautiful, simple design will look right at home among practically any traditional or semi-traditional wedding décor. Practical, durable and affordable these are a good choice for an outdoor wedding.

How to Find the Best Pop Up Canopy

From simple sun shades to complicated walled and windowed structures, there’s a lot of a variety available when shopping for a pop-up canopy. First, you want to establish exactly how you plan to use the tent.

Do you need a pop up canopy for a formal event like a wedding or are you planning to just chill at the beach? How many people are going to be using the canopy? Will they be standing or laying down?

If you’re just looking for a sun shade, you can probably skip a canopy with walls. But walls are useful at keeping weather and bugs away. You’ll probably want a few walls if you plan to use the canopy in the woods or near a river.

Don’t forget to consider the canopy’s portability and ease of use. After all, you want a canopy you can easily carry to the designated location – and set up quickly once you’ve arrived. Look for quick locking support structures and a rust-resistant coating. The fabric should protect against at least 95% of UV rays.

Most canopies will also include a carrying case. Be careful when selecting a carry case with wheels, as you likely won’t be able to pull it through the woods or the beach. However, wheeled cars are the easiest way to move larger canopies.

A pop up canopy is an easy solution for when you need protection from the element or even just a small private room. Using our guide, you should have no problem finding the best pop up canopy for your event.

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