The 10 Best Wireless SoundBars 2017

Soundbars are an excellent way of listening to music or watching a movie without worrying about cables. The cable management is nearly nonexistent due to the fact that they operate wirelessly. While there are still some that support only wired inputs the wireless versions are much more attractive. Here are the 10 best wireless sound bars in 2017.

VIZIO SB3851-C0 Wireless Home Theater

The VIZIO SB3851 is more than just a simple wireless sound bar. It is actually a 5.1 channel home theater system that comes with a wireless subwoofer, two wireless rear speakers and a large sound bar. The model supports wireless connectivity with audio sources that are Bluetooth. In terms of audio quality the model comes with DTS Digital Surround support and Dolby Digital.

Samsung HW-J355 Wireless Audio Soundbar

Samsung’s HW-J355 is a decent 120 watt sound bar that comes with a wired subwoofer and a large sound bar. The model offers Bluetooth support making it easy to connect it wirelessly to tablets, smartphones, laptops or any other compatible device. It is wall mountable and also comes with optical connectivity and TV Sound Connect.

Sonos PlayBar TV

The Sonos is a great sound bar that offers a lot of customization options. Its only problem is the price tag. Looking beyond the fact that it is quite expensive the model offers crystal clear sound with its 9 build-in speakers. It supports wireless connectivity to help it stream from a computer, tablet or smartphone or it can be connected directly to a TV. The model can be paired with other Sonos products such as a subwoofer or satellites.

Pyle PSBV200BT Bluetooth Soundbar

Pyle’s SBV200BT is an excellent sound bar that comes with a built-in subwoofer and offers 300 watts of pure audio power. The model supports Bluetooth connectivity and comes with 2 RCA ports and one AUX port. It is wall mountable and works perfectly with Bluetooth enabled devices or with TV sets.

iLive Horizontal Bluetooth Sound Bar

The iLive sound bar is probably the most affordable model in the list. It is a simple sound bar that comes with Bluetooth support for wireless connectivity with smartphones, laptops or tablets. The model offers decent sound quality and it is enough for a small to medium room. It does lack a bit in terms of bass but for the price it offers a decent value for money ratio.

Sony HT-XT1 2.1 Channel Sound Bar

Sony’s HT-XT1 removes the hustle of having a system with a subwoofer and being forced to place them somewhere in the room. It has its own built-in subwoofer and comes with support for Bluetooth connectivity and NFC. It offers a total of 170 watts peak power and it is wall mountable. The full kit includes the sound bar and a remote for the system.

LG Electronics LAS551H Sound Bar

LG LAS551H is a great sound bar system that offers plenty of connectivity options and 320 watts peak power which is more than enough even for a large room. The model comes with a wireless subwoofer and supports Bluetooth connectivity. It can be mounted on a wall and comes with its own remote.

Sony HT-CT370 Sound Bar

The Sony HT-CT370 offers no less than 300 watts of audio power in a compact form factor. Like most other wireless sound bars the model supports Bluetooth connectivity or regular analog or optical. The model is wall mountable and comes with its own wireless remote. Due to the fact that it has NFC support the model can easily be paired with smartphones and tablets.

Samsung HW-J550 Wireless Audio Soundbar

The Samsung HW-J550 is a great looking sound bar system. It comes with a simple 7 inch wireless subwoofer and a 37 inch sound bar for a total of 320 watts of power. The model supports Bluetooth connectivity and it is wall mountable. In terms of inputs the model supports HDMI, TV Sound Connect and optical input.

Wireless sound bars completely remove the hassle of using cables to connect the audio source to the system. As long as the source has Bluetooth it can be connected to a wireless sound bar. Looking at the models listed in our top 10 best wireless soundbars 2017, they usually come with the same features. The main difference between them is their power and the number of speakers they have.

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