Top 10 Best Ways to Avoid Acne

Acne is a horrible terrible skin problem, which is a common skin condition and frustrating. It can affect both physical and emotional by tearing down your beauty and making you lack of confident. Even though we cannot 100% prevent from having acne on our skin,we can try these Top 10 best ways to avoid acne below.

Clean your face

Regularly cleaning your face can prevent from clogging the pore in the skin. It is also important to choose a cleaning form, which is suitable for your skin type or consult with dermatologist before using any product. Avoid using any product that irritate to your skin and rinse with lukewarm water. For best result, use cleansing brush recommended by your doctor.


Shampoo your hair

Sometimes, your oily or dirty hair can be also the roof of having acne. When your hair unintentionally touches your face, the oil or dirt from the hair traps the bacterial and clog the pore. Shampoo it as often as possible and tie it up.


Avoid touching your face

Using your hands containing many bacterial to touch your face can spread more acne on the face.


Less sugar

Change your eating routine! Sweeten food can flourish your pimple. Research has shown that the sugar aggravates hormones and inflammation, which are the main factor of feeding the acne.


Get enough sleep

Lack of sleeping will build a resistance to insulin that has the ability to process sugar. Once the sugar in your body increase, your acne breaks out.


Drink more water

The Institute of Health suggests that the adequate water for females is 9 cups/day and 13 cups/day for males. Although water is not the primary treatment for the severe acne, it helps to hydrate your skin and enable to get rid of the breakout.



Work out

Sweat it out! Sweating can help to open your pores and remove toxins from your body. It helps to release stress which is the causes of the acne.
However, sweating can potentially make your skin worse by trapping dirt, oil and bacterial. To avoid such situation, do not touch your face and clean your face afterwards.


Do not break the pimple

It is annoyed to have even a pimple on your face and you may impatiently want to break it out. But once you do so, it may help to spread the area around the pimple. Therefore, be patient and wait until it naturally falls out.


Put your mirror away

It is so hard to stay positive and motivated when you have tried dozens of treatments and you still have acne. A good suggestion is try not to look at the mirror. It makes your more stressed out when you see your acne.


Regularly meet your dermatologist

If your acne is getting worse, consult with your dermatologist to ensure the accuracy of acne treatment process. Your dermatologist is a great help in treating acne.