Ten Best Teeth Whitening Kits of 2020 (Buyer’s Guide)

Teeth Whitening Kits

You’ve probably noticed the large selection of take-home teeth whitening kits situated among the toothbrushes and toothpastes in your local drugstore. Maybe you’ve even thought about trying one yourself, but weren’t sure if it was worth your investment, not to mention the confusion from the number of kits available to choose from.

The fact that there are so many kits available must mean they’re effective, right? Well, yes and no. Teeth whitening kits are not all the same, and will not work in the same ways for every individual. Before picking the most aesthetically pleasing teeth whitening kit from your favorite brand, it’s important to learn about what is involved with using a teeth whitening kit.

Is there a difference between teeth whitening and teeth bleaching?

When you go to the dentist and get your teeth cleaned, you probably don’t ask too many in-depth questions about how they’re restoring your teeth to their shiny best. That’s because you trust their professional knowledge and judgment. Choosing a teeth whitening kit to administer by yourself at home, however, is another thing altogether, and you need to be aware of what you’re using.

In essence, there is a fundamental difference between teeth whitening and teeth bleaching. That being, you guessed it, the use of a bleaching agent. Technically, teeth whiteners simply restore your teeth back to their natural color by removing dirt and debris, like your toothpaste does.

But you need to be careful. Marketing strategists have come to use the term teeth whitening for products that do in fact contain bleaching agents. Why do you think that it? If you guessed that teeth whitening sounds less harmful and frightening than teeth bleaching, then you’re right on the money.

The reality is that the majority of teeth whitening kits on the market employ bleaching agents. You don’t need to be scared, but you do need to learn what this means for your teeth and how to use the kits properly.

Here you will find the top 10 best teeth whitening kits in 2020:

Snow Teeth Whitening Kit

Your teeth will look as white and clean as fresh snow with this kit. It includes whitening wands, natural desensitizing serum, and an LED activating light. The full-sized wands allow for precise control and excellent coverage, especially when compared to the mini-wands found in inferior products. It’s superior to whitening toothpaste, gel, and all other over-the-counter treatments.

The enamel-safe proprietary formula contains no harmful chemicals or toxins. It won’t cause sensitivity, dehydrate teeth, or harm your oral health.

Compact and easy to use, it’s an affordable alternative to professional whitening. Most people see great results after just three 30 minutes sessions. It cuts through wine, coffee, and other deep stains. Plus, regular use actually helps prevent future stains from forming.

It treats stains underneath the enamel, which most at-home treatment can’t reach. Plus, it’s five times faster than whitening strips. Brighten your teeth in just a few short sessions without visiting the dentist or using complicated and expensive prescription treatments.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s likely because it’s well-reviewed and popular among a variety of Hollywood stars. But if you’re not satisfied for any reason, the manufacturer offers a five-year warranty.

You can feel good about your purchase, too. Every purchase helps provide dental care to children in need through a special fund set up by Snow. It helps over 17 million children in the U.S. smile just a bit brighter.

The Smartsmile Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

Although this kit contains a whitening gel with a concentration of only 35%, it is one of the strongest, most efficient and most appreciated ones on the market – besides the professional gel, the kit also contains top and bottom trais, as well as applicator syringes for fast and effortless application. The treatment sessions only last for 15 minutes and the whitening kit is also covered by a 30-day money back guarantee!

The Dr Song Home Professional Teeth Whitening

The number one is the teeth whitening set made and sold by Dr. Song – this kit contains enough whitening gel for as much as 50 applications, and the best thing about it is that it also comes with a full, one-year guarantee that allows you to get all the money back within the first 12 months, if you are not entirely satisfied with the product. Furthermore, the kit contains the classic thermoform trays, a carbamide peroxide with 44% concentration as well as a gel applicator.

The Smartsmile Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

Although this kit contains a whitening gel with a concentration of only 35%, it is one of the strongest, most efficient and most appreciated ones on the market – besides the professional gel, the kit also contains top and bottom trais, as well as applicator syringes for fast and effortless application. The treatment sessions only last for 15 minutes and the whitening kit is also covered by a 30-day money back guarantee!

Crest 3D White Glamorous White Whitestrips Dental Teeth Whitening Strips Kit, 14 Treatments – Lasts 6 Months & Beyond

Crest 3D Whitestrips are easy to use. Only 1 time a day for 30 minutes. Their no-slip grip allow you to talk and even drink water during the application. Removes coffee, tea, wine and smoking stains for whiter teeth for up to 6 months.

Active Wow Teeth Whitening

This is a deluxe, professional and high definition teeth whitening kit that aims to remove all the stains in a fast, efficient and effortless manner. Not only will this kit help you get whiter teeth, but it will also help you strengthen them. Coming with an array of whitening implements, its fast and easy to use.

The Shine Whitening Kit

This teeth whitening kit comes with two mouth trays (for top and bottom), and the advanced whitening gel is specifically created to remove even the most stubborn stains. Used by millions of people and dentists all around the world, this kit features advanced ingredients and all you need is 15 minutes a day, for the best results!

The Amazing Smile Professional Teeth Whitening set

This truly is a professional teeth whitening kit that will help you get the smile you have always craved – you can easily remove all the bothersome stains without any effort, thanks to the professional, salon-grade whitening gel with a 44% concentration. The kit also includes the thermoform trays, and it is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.

The Shine Whitening Kit

This kit stands out from all the other teeth whitening sets, given the fact that it does not contain any peroxide whatsoever. The kit comes with two 10cc syringes, a retainer case as well as an LED device for complete teeth whitening, and the unique formula of the whitening gel does not cause any sensitivity, neither does it affect your teeth or gums in any way.

The At Home Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

This is another high-quality and very powerful teeth whitening kit for home use – the five syringes are enough for more than 20 applications, therefore you can rest assured knowing that the 44% carbamide peroxide whitening gel will make your teeth shine! The kit also includes an LED accelerator light that boosts the efficacy of the gel.

Are there risks to using teeth whitening kits?

After hearing that bleach is involved in many teeth whitening kits, you may be feeling apprehensive about trying them. You don’t need to be scared. Bleaching products contain peroxide, which changes the natural color of your teeth by removing both surface and deep stains. The fact is however, that over-the counter teeth whitening kits contain products with only 10% of peroxide in comparison to the 20-40% that is included in prescription products.

This means that using an at-home teeth whitening kit is a very mild version of whitening processes. So there is not too much reason to fear about damaging your teeth. What you do want to keep in mind, however, is that overuse of teeth whitening kits, even the at-home ones, can lead to corrosion of your teeth.

The whitening process is not something that is meant to be undergone especially frequently so don’t get overexcited with good results and whiten your teeth too often. Another reason that you want to use teeth whitening kits sparingly is simply because, as the American Dental Association (ADA) reminds you, your teeth are sensitive.

Types of Teeth Whitening Kits

There are two main types of teeth whitening kits available to you for over-the-counter purchase. These are kits that use whitening strips and kits that use whitening trays. Generally, the more effective at-home options are kits with whitening trays, but they can be the more expensive option.

  • Whitening Strips are applied to your teeth after putting a bleaching chemical onto the strip. The whitening strip is then left on the teeth for a designated amount of time before removing it. Whitening strips are easy to use and more affordable than whitening trays. The main limitation of whitening strips is that they only affect the surface area that is actively touched by the strips.
  • Whitening Trays are generally worn overnight, filled with a bleaching solution. The fact of the matter is that whitening trays are much less of a hassle to use than whitening strips. You simply insert the bleaching gel into the whitening tray, which is a mold that goes around your teeth, like a mouthguard or retainer and leave it on according to the directions. It is the time with your teeth in the whitening gel which makes whitening trays effective. Another pro of whitening trays, is that they come in different sizes in the over-the-counter kits so that you can get the best possible fit for maximum surface whitening.

Both types of teeth whitening kits that are available over-the-counter are effective and provide their own benefits. It’s up to you to decide which best fits your lifestyle.

Deciding Factors

Using a teeth whitening kit can certainly improve the appearance of your teeth. Think about which type of teeth whitening kit appeals most to you and give it a try. A helpful trick to optimizing the effectiveness of teeth whitening kits is to use them in combination with whitening toothpaste in reasonable intervals between professional teeth cleanings. Used in this manner, teeth whitening will work very well to maintain the shine of your pearly whites!


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