Top 10 Best Nail Polish Removers 2020

When choosing a nail polish remover it should be powerful, yet should not damage the nails or cuticles. With several products to choose from, finding the most powerful and best nail polish remover is sometimes difficult to do.

These are some of the Top 10 Best Nail Polish Removers of 2020 to consider when you are searching for a polish remover, which won’t cause damage to your nails, or weaken them.

LA pads

Acetone free, these pads remove nail polish effectively, and they come in six unique flavor scent options for you to use on your nails. One nail polish remover pad will clean all ten nails so you don’t have to over use the product, and each pad will moisten and soften the nails, leaving them cuticle free and smooth for the next polish application.


The fast and effective formula is protein enriched, so it will help strengthen the nails, and help in the growth process over time as well. The product is for use on natural nails, will leave a streak free finish, and will leave your nails looking perfectly polished after each use.

Super Nail

This nail polish remover will help to eliminate fill and repair lines on your nails, making them smoother and chip free after using for a period of time. It will help to blend tips on your natural nails, and can help to remove acrylic blend polishes from your naturals nails as well as traditional polishes.

Super Nail

Similar to the original formula, however it is more powerful, and it is recommended for use by those who may have sculpted nails which they want to remove the polish from. Powerful acetone base helps to get tough polishes, including acrylic and gel based polishes, off the nails easily.

OPI Remover

Will remove polish of all colors, will remove acrylic and gel based polishes, and it will leave behind a streak free, shiny finish with each use. It won’t dry out skin or nails either, as it has a powerful blend, and rehydrating effect on nails, when used to remove nail polishes.

Organic remover

A non toxic, vegan based product, is not only acetone free, but does not contain toxins, chemicals, dyes, or other harmful ingredients in the nail polish remover either. It is all natural and organic based, it helps hydrate, freshen, and remove even the toughest stuck on polish blends from your nails.

Sally Hensen

From one of the most well known brand names in nail polish removers, the remover will strengthen and easily remove the toughest stuck on nail polishes from your nails. It will remove dark stains and the enriched formula will help hydrate the skin and nails, as well as soften cuticles, making a smooth base for you to apply the next coat of nail polish.

Onyx Professional 100% Acetone Remover

This nail polish option is 100% professional-grade acetone nail polish remover. It takes off gel polish, nail polish, glitter, shellac, and nearly anything you need to remove from your nails.

It will also work on nail glue and glitter polish. You can use this nail polish remover to easily remove anything from your nails without having to struggle or cause pain or damage to your nails.

The 16 fluid ounce bottle comes with a nail file as well, and you have the choice between a single or double pack.

Even though some colors are challenging to remove, the Onyx nail polish remover ensures you don’t struggle removing any nail polish. It’s designed first to soften the polish or hardener, which makes it easier to remove polish and coating. The ingredients in this remover are safe to use, and they do not harm your nails.

During our research, we checked out some reviews from other customers of the product. We found that many people are highly satisfied with their experience. They state that it works exactly as described, and it makes it easy to remove professional nails at home, so you don’t have to keep wasting money at the salon.

Mineral Fusion Nail Polish Remover

This six-ounce bottle of nail polish remover is gentle and acetone-free. It removes polish of all shades without drying out or damaging your nails. You can help prep and clean the nail with this as well to improve the appearance of your polish and extend the life of colors on your nails.

Mineral Fusion is one of our picks for the best nail polish remover because it works on a variety of different nail polishes, and the company has a strong reputation for selling beauty and health products of high-quality.

This product is made in the USA and doesn’t contain a lot of the harmful things you find in a lot of nail polish removers. There are no parabens, gluten, artificial colors, phthalates, or harsh ingredients used in this nail polish remover.

All Mineral Fusion products are certified cruelty free. This means that they have a certification through the Leaping Bunny Organization, and they do not harm any animals in the making and testing of their products.

During our research, we checked out what other customers had to say about Mineral Fusion. They say that this is a great alternative to acetone because it doesn’t break down your nails and make them feel weak. It turns removing your nails into a simple task rather than a dreaded chore that you know you have to do but put it off because it’s too complicated.

Some customers did have some shipping and packaging issues where the product arrived at their home damaged. These are few and far between because overall, this nail polish remover has raving reviews, and everyone seems to love it.

Zoya Remove Plus

Here we have an award-winning gentle but powerful three in one nail polish remover, prep, and conditioner. This product spreads quickly and evenly, so it doesn’t leave streaks on your nails, and it provides you with a great shine. That’s why it’s one of our picks for best nail polish remover.

Zoya believes that nail polish remover is only one part of the nail maintenance triangle. For that reason, they created a three in one solution to everything your nails will ever need in one bottle. This nail polish removers also cleans and preps your nails while moisturizing them and making sure they are always in the best health.

Once you’ve completed the three in one process, your nails won’t have any lacquer, streaking, or staining left behind, and they’ll be hydrated, healthy, and ready for a base coat.

During our research, we checked out what other customers of this product had to say. Overall, it has great reviews, and nearly every person who tries it has great things to say. One customer enjoys the design of the bottle and says that it makes it easy to apply without having to worry about spilling it.

Many customers also love the gentle smell that doesn’t burn your nose, but it’s still strong enough to get the job done.

One customer even said that it’s a miracle product. They said that this polish remover melts the polish right off their fingers with a cotton ball. The customer goes on to say that it only takes a few seconds to remove the polish, and there is very little odor from the bottle.

Whether you use traditional nail polishes, or something tougher such as the acrylic or gel based products, these nail polish removers are going to work wonders on them. Not only will it remove stuck on polish which has been set in to the nails for some time, but they are gentle on your nails. Most of them also offer hydrating action, won’t dry out the skin or nails, and help to strengthen the nails with each application of the polish remover.

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Johnag - August 28, 2016

Got this, didn’t really believe that it works all that well. Wow was I wrong, I used it once, was pleasantly surprised, my nails were perfect after a whole week (I have a job that requires lots of not so delicate box ripping, which translates to having my nails ruined all the time). I was amazed, but figured it was a fluke. Wrong wrong wrong. This is amazing and worth every penny.

My only issue is that it takes quite a while to fully dry, so don’t let anything touch your nails for a few HOURS. (3-5 hours I think).


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