What Are The Top 10 Best Bathroom Scales of 2019?

People who are taking back control of their overall health and well being need and deserve the right gear to help them reach their goals. One of the most important things they need in order to achieve their goals is a high quality Bathroom Scale. Losing weight, or gaining if that’s your goal, is even harder if you can’t track your results. To get the most out of your workouts and healthy eating choices, you need feedback. You need an accurate, durable and easy to use Bathroom Scale. Here is our list of the Top 10 Best Bathroom Scales 2019 review.

If you have recently begun taking extra good care of yourself, a state of the art Digital Bathroom Scale might be just the right thing to gift yourself or that special person who’s been working out, as a reward for committing to making healthy choices.

A well designed, accurate bathroom scale can last a lifetime, and the benefits of having one may last a lifetime as well. A quality, reliable bathroom scale encourages and promotes healthy choices such as eating better, participating in more physical activities, and being aware of weigh fluctuations.

Having a bathroom scale in the home encourages everyone to track their weight and to pay attention to their health.

Features to Look for in Your Next Bathroom Scale

There are a few key features that are important to consider when choosing a new bathroom scale. Below is a list of the most important considerations to be made:

  • The maximum weight capacity
  • Accuracy
  • Units of measurement
  • Whether it is a digital bathroom scale or an analog bathroom scale
  • Difficulty to calibrate

Finding a great scale is easy when you shop online. We’ve put together a list of our very Best Bathroom Scales to make it even easier to find the model that is right for you. While some of these models are economy models intended to perform only the most basic functions, they are accuracy, durable, and easy to use. Other models included on our list may be a bit more expensive but they earn it with more technology, features and style.

What Does Our Selection of the Best Bathroom Scales Have to Offer You?

All of the bathroom scales that made our list this year are incredibly accurate and easy to use. Each of these digital bathroom scale models provide easy-to-read display screens as well.

These bathroom scales have superior accuracy when used properly. They can tell you precisely how much you weigh, so that you can keep accurate track of your weight.

There’s no better way to monitor changes in your weight. With a bathroom scale that is simple and easy to use, you and your whole family can monitor your success. With regular use of the bathroom scale, your family can make changes together and encourage each other to eat better and exercise more.

Etekcity Digital Body Weight Scale, Tempered glass, 400 Pounds

Get reliable readings of your weight almost instantly with this EtekCity Digital Body Weight Scale with Tempered Glass. This highly affordable model provides all of the best basic features that you could ask for.

With incredible accuracy, an easy-to-ready LCD display, and a sleek glass platform design, this model is comfortable and easy to use. The 8mm clear tempered glass provide a stylish, clean look for your bathroom or personal work out space.


  • High Level of Precision
  • Weight Capacity of 400 Lbs or 180 Kgs
  • Measurement Readings Convertible Between Lbs and Kgs
  • Easy-to-read Digital Scale with Backlit LCD Display
  • Auto-calibrates but May Occasionally Require Manual Recalibration Which is Very Simple

Price Range: Low

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale with Extra Large Lighted Display

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scales could quite easily be the best deal available in the current market. The non-slip, tempered glass platform provides plenty of safe space to stand comfortably on the simple and unobtrusive “12 x 13” scale platform. The auto on/off feature is a convenient and battery power saving feature, which makes the 4 AAA batteries required to power it last for considerably longer.  The large, 3.5” backlit LCD display provides large characters and numbers so that you can easily read the digital scales computation of your weight.


  • Incredibly Precise
  • Weight Capacity of 400 Lbs or 180 Kgs
  • 2 units of measurement – Lbs and Ounces
  • Digital Scale with Large 3.5” Backlit LCD Display
  • Auto calibrated

Price Range: Low

Etekcity Digital Body Weight Scale with Step-On Technology Elegant Black

Another quality digital bathroom scale, the EtekCity Body Weight Scale with Step-on Technology is sleek, futuristic, and of course highly accurate. This elegant black model only takes up “12 x 12” and provides a thick, sturdy tempered glass surface that is 6mm thick. It indicates when the battery source power is low.


  • Highly Precise with 4 high-precision sensors
  • Weight Capacity of 400 Lbs or 180 Kgs
  • Measurements are Displayed in Both Lbs and Kgs
  • Digital Scale with Backlit LCD Display
  • Easy to Manually Recalibrate When Necessary

Price Range: Low

ZERLA Digital Bathroom Scale with 4.5 Inch LCD Display

Even if you’re on a budget, the Zerla Digital Bathroom Scale with 4.5 Inch LCD Display is a great option as far as digital bathroom scales go. It’s neutrally modern look complete with rounded corners provides safety for your toes as well as an anti-slip, 8mm tempered glass platform. New step-on technology gives you accurate readings almost instantly, with no need to tap before weighing yourself.


  • Highly Accurate Readings
  • Max Weight Capacity of 400 Lbs or 180 Kgs
  • Measures in Units of Lbs and Kgs
  • Digital Scale with a Huge “4.5” Backlit LCD Display
  • Requires a Quick and Easy Manual Calibration Upon Setup

Price Range: Medium

Tanita HD351 Digital Scale with Memory Function

Tanita HD351 Digital Scale with Memory Function can help the whole household monitor and control their weight. It can remember up to 5 different people’s profiles, or weight history, making it a top-of-the-line choice for families who aren’t on a tight budget. The convenience features of this model alone are enough to convince most health and fitness enthusiasts.


  • Great accuracy
  • Extra-large weight capacity of up to 440 Lbs or 200 Kgs
  • Provides Measurements in Lbs and Kgs
  • Digital Scale with a Two-Line, Extra-Large Font Easy-to-read LCD Display
  • Simple Push-Button for Calibration
  • Stores 5 different people’s profile and weight history

Price Range: High

Yunmai FDA Listed Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale & Body Composition Monitor with Free Fitness App and Extra Large Display

The Yunmai Bluetooth is one of the most impressive techy bathroom scales available on the market right now. With the added bonus features of accurately measuring your body fat and overall body composition, this handy Bluetooth scale is sure to impress anyone you gift it to- even if it’s to yourself. It is syncable with a variety of apps and fitness devices, and tracks up to 16 users’ detailed readings.


  • Extremely Accurate Readings
  • Max Weight Capacity of 396.8 Lbs or 179 Kgs
  • Display Option of Weight in Units of Either Lbs or Oz
  • Digital Scale with Vibrant LCD Display and Bluetooth Connectivity to Devices and Apps
  • Auto Calibrates Itself
  • Tracks up to 16 users

Price Range: Medium

Etekcity Stainless Steel Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale Step-On Technology

EtekCity Stainless Steel Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale is an ultra-sleek, thin, and modern option for those on a bit of a budget. While it doesn’t do anything particularly fancy, it is equipped with what is quickly becoming the standard 4 high-precision sensor system, an easy-to-read LCD display, and provides dependable results almost instantly.


  • Consistently Accurate Readings
  • Weight Capacity Limit of 400 Lbs or 180 Kgs
  • Lb to Kg Conversion with Just the Touch of a Button
  • Digital Scale with a Crystal Clear LCD Display that is Backlit for Easy Viewing
  • Self-Calibrating

Price Range: Low

EatSmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale with 3.5″ LCD and “Step-On” Technology

This sleek, light-weight model is perfect for those who want to be able to easily pick their scale up and store it out of the way when not using it. The platform is made of a durable but light combination of aluminum and plastic, which is great for those with toes that are sensitive to the cold touch of glass or metal.


  • Instant and accurate readings
  • Has a Weight Limit of 400 Lbs or 180 Kgs
  • Displays Readings in Both Kgs and Lbs, Switching Over is Easy and Quick
  • Digital Bathroom Scale with a Large, Refreshing Blue Backlit LCD Display
  • Auto Calibrates Itself Under Normal Use and Manual Recalibration is Quick and Simple

Price Range: Low

Vive Precision Digital Bathroom Scale – Weight Scale Measuring Device- Electronic Body Scale, Easy to Read, Backlit Display – Accurate to .2 LBs, Silver

The Vive Precision Digital Bathroom Scale for Body Weight is an easy to use, easy to read device that is built to last you for many years. Each and every Vive Precision Digital Bathroom Scale is individually tested for accuracy. This high level of accuracy lends to the products ability to identify habits and behaviors that affect your weight fluctuation throughout the day.


  • Precise Readings Guaranteed by Individual Testing for Accuracy
  • Has a Weight Capacity of 330 Lbs
  • Displays Unit Readings in Lbs, Kgs, and Stones (easy to switch between units)
  • Digital Scale with an Extra-Large, Ultra-bright Backlit Display
  • Self-calibrating

Price Range: Low

BalanceFrom C400SV High Accuracy Premium Digital Bathroom Scale with 3.6″/X-Large Backlight Display

This bathroom scale model provides high accuracy, an easy to view and attractive backlit LCD display that changes between green and blue. Green shows previous weight. Blue shows current weight. Rounded safety corners protect your delicate toes. The BalanceFrom C400SV High Accuracy Premium scale is a prime deal for those on a budget.


  • High Accuracy Rating
  • Can Accurately Weigh Up to 400 Lbs
  • Readings Available in Lbs, Kgs, and Stones
  • Digital Bathroom Scale with 3.6” Blue Backlit Display
  • Auto-Calibrated

Price Range: Low


We’ve done the hard work for you. All of these digital bathroom scales are accurate, comfortable and easy to use. And come in all price ranges. Now it’s up to you. Choose yours from our list of the 10 Best Bathroom Scale 2019 review.

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