What Are The Top 10 Best Spray Tan Machines? (2020)

Best Spray Tan Machines

If you want a realistic and high-quality spray tan at home, you’ll need one of the top ten best spray tan machines of 2020 on our list to ensure a quality result.

It’s easy to get a low-quality machine that leaves your skin streaky and orange, but modern designs, higher-powered turbines, and better-quality tanning solution products can help make your skin glow.

MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning KIT

The MaxiMist Lite Plus kit comes with everything you need to get started and features a lightweight design.

The MaxiMist Lite spray tanning kit comes with several different components that you’ll need if you plan to spray tan yourself or others. This kit features a pop-up tent with a clear top for easy visibility and mess-free spraying, and a spray gun with a unique design to prevent clogs or drips.

This kit is designed to achieve salon-quality results and comes with three different cups for the solution, some spare parts, and a German engineered spray gun. Using this kit, you can comfortably complete around ten spray tans per day, which makes it the perfect choice for a backup machine or small business.


  • Comes with a detailed instruction manual
  • Lightweight kit designed for easy transportation
  • Adjustable clog-free spray gun


  • The tent is challenging to fold up without instructions

Norvell Sunless Kit – M1000

The Norvell Sunless Kit comes with three different spray solutions, and a professional training guide, so you get superior results.

The Norvell Sunless Kit is one of the few kits that comes with a comprehensive training manual so that you can learn the science and critical techniques that you need to know to give yourself and others quality spray tans.

The solution included in this kit is also formulated with micro-nutrients to help nourish your skin and prolong the quality of your spray tan. This kit also comes with a spray gun, repair kit, quick disconnect hose, and a shoulder strap for better portability.


  • A lightweight system that is travel-friendly
  • Features unique tanning solutions with micro-nutrient technology
  • Training program booklet included


  • A little expensive compared to other kits

Sun Laboratories Sunless Spray Tan Machine

The Sun Laboratories spray tan system comes with a single bottle of solution and a few other vital accessories.

Sun Laboratories offers an efficient and high-quality spray tan kit that features a single bottle of dark tanning spray solution formulated without harmful chemicals. This solution is designed to nourish your skin and help you stay looking brown, and the gun comes with one cup.

If you plan to use several colors, you’ll want to purchase additional cups, but this kit can provide several spray tans in a single session, which makes it great for spray tan parties, home use, or as a backup device for a small business.


  • Large pop-up tent with generous skylight for visibility
  • A large bottle of spray tan solution
  • The machine is easy to use and clean


  • The hose on the spray tan machine could be longer

Oasis Spray Tan Machine Kit

The Oasis Spray Tan kit comes with a variety of solutions and a more compact spray gun with a revolutionary nozzle.

The Oasis Spray Tan kit comes with a smaller spray gun that is about the size of a battery-powered drill. This kit doesn’t come with any large appliance you have to connect to the spray gun with hoses, and the Norvell gun is hose free.

The spray tan solution that comes with this kit is also vegan and made without parabens, glutens, sulfates, Triclosan, or Phthalates. The tanning solution is also vegan and features naturally derived fragrance. When you purchase this kit, you also get access to the online Norvell University CORE sunless spray tan classes so you can get the best possible result.


  • Super lightweight option with no hoses or bulky cabinets
  • Easy to set up a spray tent
  • Comes with a variety of different spray tan solutions


  • Spray gun nozzle requires precise cleaning and maintenance

Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine Kit

The Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine comes as part of a kit with Norvell solution, a pop-up tent, and extra cups.

This spray tan kit features a larger than average turbine cabinet but also provides practically clog-free operation for a perfectly even tan every time. This machine is powerful enough to complete several tans in one session efficiently, and it comes with a variety of different tanning solutions so you can pick your best shade.

The tent that comes with this kit is significant, as with many of the others on our list, and the skylight feature lets in enough light so that you can see precisely where you are spraying. This spray tan machine also has an attractive exterior with copper accents and a built-in cupholder.


  • German engineered turbine unit with a cup holder
  • Extra-large spray tent with large skylights for excellent visibility
  • Access to the online Norvell University CORE classes


  • Expensive
  • Bulky

Black Fascination Spray Tan Machine

The Black Fascination Spray Tan machine comes with a variety of products and two product cups so you can get started immediately.

The Black Fascination Spray Tan machine is a kit that comes with a variety of products that are useful for high-quality spray tans and the care of your skin after the treatment. Unlike the other kits on our list, this kit comes with a pre-tan buff product, a renewing exfoliator, bronzer for the face, a cleanser, and an extender product.

The turbine cabinet for this appliance has a generous handle on the top, so it’s easy to move around, and two product cups that fit the low maintenance nozzle. The spray gun has its own fluid control knob and features a single button for simplicity.


  • Comes with a pack of spray tan maintenance products
  • A spacious spray tent that pops up
  • Includes 16 ounces of spray tan solution in the color Double Dark


  • Only comes with two product cups

Ultra Pro T85-QC High-Performance Sunless Turbine Spray Tanning System

The Ultra Pro T85-QC spray tanning systems are one of the most sophisticated options on our list for professional spray tan results.

The Ultra Pro T85-QC spray tan kit comes with a large number of accessories and four different tanning solutions, so you have just the right color for every skin tone. This kit is a more robust option than some of the others on our list, but it is bulkier, heavier, and features a ten-foot-long cord, which many find to be far too long.

This kit also comes with the standard accessories like a pop-up tent and a spray gun. There is also a link for a free online video from Belloccio to help you get started, and the kit comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Four tanning solutions included
  • Ten pairs of feet pads, net caps, bras, and other accessories
  • Three solution cups for storing unused solution


  • Bulky cabinet and a hose that is too long
  • Louder than other machines

MaxiMist Ultra Pro High Volume HVLP Spray Tanning System

The MaxiMist Ultra Pro spray tan system features a large turbine cabinet and several accessories for salon-quality results.

The MaxiMist Ultra Pro spray tan system is a more robust system that can handle over fifty spray tans per day, and this means its overkill for personal use, but can be great for parties. There are four different cups for storing spray tan solution, a twelve-foot-long flexible hose with a quick connect end, and a dual-stage HVLP Turbine that weighs in at 25 pounds.

This system is not the most travel-friendly option available, but it has many features that other systems lack, and it’s designed to be more durable. Detailed instructions come as part of the manual, and there is technical support for customers who need assistance with operating or repairing this kit.


  • High-quality spray gun with precise airflow control
  • Choice of pattern for spray
  • Includes a range of accessories and replacement parts


  • Very Expensive
  • Louder than other machines

Fascination Spray Tan Machine System

The Fascination Spray Tan system comes with a variety of supplies, including a liter of training solution not included in other kits.

Unlike other kits on our list, the Fascination Spray Tan system comes with a large container of barrier cream and training solution in addition to the usual spray tan solutions. The spray gun has an adjustable spray nozzle and a dial for airflow so you can seamlessly transition between vertical and horizontal spraying.

This system comes with spray cups that hold enough solution for more than one spray tan, and there’s a holder for the spray gun for when it’s not in use. The pop-up tent is spacious like others included in similar kits, and it’s easy to transport using the carrying bag.


  • Includes three different tanning solutions
  • 34 ounces of training solution and access to the training classes
  • Spacious pop-up tent with a storage bag


  • Requires thoroughly cleaning after each use
  • Gets hot quickly, not suitable for multiple consecutive treatments

Belloccio Premium T75 Sunless Turbine Spray Tanning System

The Belloccio Premium Spray Tan system is a barer bones option that doesn’t come with many accessories or bottles of tanning solution.

The Belloccio Premium system doesn’t come with as many accessories and tanning solutions as other spray tanning systems, but the one included product features several hydrating ingredients that are fast drying and paraben-free.

One application lasts for 7-10 days, so you’ll need to purchase more spray tanning solution very soon, but the detailed Getting Started Guide will walk you through vital information that can help you choose products to buy.


  • Inexpensive
  • Includes a link to online Getting Started Guide
  • 9-foot lightweight, flexible hose


  • Not very travel-friendly
  • Limit accessories and tanning solution included

Spray Tan Machine FAQ

Check out our list of frequently asked questions in regards to the top ten best spray tan machines available.

What Is A Spray Tan Machine?

A spray tan machine is a device that takes liquid colorant and atomizes it into a very fine mist for application to the skin. The purpose is to create an artificially darker skin color using a minimal amount of tanning solution.

Tanning is associated with an increase in cancer risk, among other things, but spray tans are a safe alternative that is easy to achieve at home. The kits on our list can help create a salon-quality spray tan through the use of a turbine that generates airflow, and a spray gun that directs the solution towards the recipient’s skin.

What Features in A Spray Tan Machine Are Important?

A spray tan machine should have a way to adjust the airflow that moves the product out of the gun, and the gun itself should be easy to clean and have settings to change the shape of the spray coming out of it.

Many spray tan guns require a lot of cleaning, or they get clogged, and regular maintenance is essential. Some spray guns feature different designs that also help to prevent them from dripping or creating an uneven spray pattern.

Final Thoughts

Our list of top ten best spray tan machines offers an array of options that come with different lengths of hose, mixes of accessories, and various tanning solutions.

The MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning KIT is our number one pick because it has the most advanced and well-performing spray gun on the market.

The quality of the spray gun is vital if you want a streak-free spray tan, and this kit is also traveling friendly so you can set up for your spray tan anywhere in your own home.

It’s also reasonably priced and comes with a suitable number of accessories to get you started and detailed instructions so you can proceed with confidence.

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