Top 10 Best Car Batteries In 2017


At some point every car battery will die just like any other battery. As long as it is used continuously it is subject to wear-and-tear and because they contain corrosive acid, car batteries can die after several years even without being used. The aftermarket offers a wide selection of batteries …

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The 10 Best Wireless SoundBars 2017

8. Sonos PlayBar TV

Soundbars are an excellent way of listening to music or watching a movie without worrying about cables. The cable management is nearly nonexistent due to the fact that they operate wirelessly. While there are still some that support only wired inputs the wireless versions are much more attractive. Here are …

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Top 10 Best Soccer Shoes For Women in 2017

4. PUMA Women's Spirit FG Soccer Cleat

For female soccer players, the right cleats for in or outdoor use, will make a world of difference in helping improve your game play. Not only to help strengthen your kick and defensive stance, but also help in preventing injury to yourself, teammates, and competitors. These are the top 10 …

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Top 10 Best Walking Shoes For Men 2017

1. New Balance MW 759

Everyone likes to take walks. Getting outside. Breathing fresh air and getting some exercise. To make the most of your walks, having a great pair of walking shoes is imperative. Walking shoes provide arch support, stability, and added comfort which your other shoes won’t. Buying a good pair of walking …

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Top 10 Best Non Stick Cutting Boards 2017

3. Enviroboard Antibacterial Cutting Board by Sunlife Brands

A reliable cutting board is a must-have in every kitchen, particularly if it has all the right features you need including non-slip base and non-sticky surface. With this type of cutting board, food preparation and cleanup become a breeze – and that should save you time and energy along the …

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Top 10 Best Hand Soaps For Sensitive Skin 2017


The choices for soap is endless. But, finding the best hand soaps for sensitive skin is a lot harder. Some harsh and even everyday soap can cause irritation, dryness, and itching to sensitive skin. Sometimes, the soap can be good, but an added fragrance can cause problems to some people’s …

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Top 10 Best Korean Cushion Compacts in 2017

1. Sulwhasoo, Evenfair Perfecting Cushion

The BB (beauty balm) Korean cushion compact is a must have foundation compact. A Korean Cushion compact is a refillable foundation soaking into a cushion. Imagine pouring your favorite BB cream into a compact. Then, put an absorbent sponge (cushion) on top of it. When you press down on the …

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