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Top 10 Best Belgian Waffle Maker 2017


Belgian waffles are traditionally made with a yeast batter. This heavier batter gives these waffles their thick, irresistibly yummy texture – crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, very different to traditional American-style waffles. And they have deeper wells or pockets – all the better to hold …

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Top 10 Best Robot Vacuum 2017


Don’t spend your time doing a job that a robot can do. Stop dealing with mopping, and dragging your heavy old vacuum cleaner around.  Now is the best time to turn those cleaning chores over to a robot. A Robot Vacuum Cleaner, that is. And guess what? You’ve come to …

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Top 10 Best Electric Space Heaters 2017


For drafty or just plain cold rooms, you really need a top notch electric space heater. Especially during the cooler seasons! Using one of the best electric space heaters will save you money and keep you comfortable. Don’t spend money and waste energy heating your entire house or office when …

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Top 10 Best Onion Chopper In 2017


Chopping onions may seem simple, but in reality, it’s one of the most dreadful ingredients to prepare in the kitchen. Whether you’re a top-rank chef or a kitchen newbie, handling onions will definitely send you running for tissues. Fortunately, there are now tools in the market that can help make …

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Top 10 Best Toothbrush Holders In 2017

4. InterDesign Twigz Bath Toothbrush Holder

The toothbrush holder is an essential accessory to any bathroom. It can help keep the toothbrush safe from germs and it helps organize things in the bathroom by saving space and keeping them in one place. Out of all the models available only 10 were selected. Here are the top …

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Top 10 Best Bed Bug Spray 2017


  You woke up this morning to discover several blotchy, red spots covering your arms, legs, and torso. At first, you had no idea how they got there. Confused, you began to rack your mind for answers. And then it hit you: bed bugs! After making your way to your …

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Top 10 Best Food Storage Containers in 2017

Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid

Food storage containers can be used for various purposes. Whether storing leftovers from the night before, to taking lunch to work or school, they are extremely useful in the kitchen. However, some product leak, or food spoils quickly in others, and for this reason you have to buy the best …

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