Top 10 Best Eyebrow Pencils in 2017

Eyebrow Pencils

Full and well-groomed eyebrows help to make you look healthier even without eye make up. Eyebrow shade can be occasionally changed depends on your make-up. If you have a heavy eyes make-up, your eyebrow should be in a natural look; In contrast, if your eyes make-up is light, a thicker eyebrow is needed.

Brown eyebrows (or lighter color) indicate gentle and friendly behavior and grey eyebrows give a natural look while black eyebrows show your powerful image. What’s the most important is to find the color that is match your hair color. Below are the top 10 best eyebrow pencils in 2017 we have found for your consideration before purchasing.

Benefit Cosmetics Instant Brow Pencil Deep

The color of Benefit brow pencil is a bit light. The texture of this product is very creamy and waxy so that it is put on softly and smoothly; however, it can be run out quickly. If you are annoyed by the creamy look, you can apply the brow powder to get a more natural look. The drawback of this brow pencil is it doesn’t last long while the best part of this brow pencil is its brush which has the high quality.

Holika Holika, Wonder Drawing 24hr Auto Eyebrow

Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Auto Eyebrow is available for 4 colors: Gray Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown and Red Brown. Holika Holika eyebrow’s texture is a bit chalky and is not soft enough for the skin, and hence maybe a little bit hard to use. The color is a kind of strong so that you have to apply it lightly and carefully in order to get a natural result. However, it is also an acceptable product, regarding quality and price, from Korean brand.

NARS, Brow Perfector

NARS Brow Perfector is available in four shades: brown, light brown, blonde and black. It has a quite large oval tip applicator with nourished matte texture; however, it doesn’t perfectly work in blending, so you have to carefully apply this brow pencil. The color is long-lasting as it can stay up to 12 hours without fading away even with hectic day.

Missha, The Style Pencil & Powder Dual Eyebrow

Missha eyebrow pencil contains a creamy texture used with the triangle tip that works greatly on the brows. It comes with the soft smudging powder tip easy for filling and blending the brows to create a soft natural look. It has a reasonable price with the excellent work result.

Etude House, Drawing Eye Brow

This eyebrow actually works best and gives a good result you expected. The brush applicator can soften the brow color and give a super natural look. One thing you have to be aware of is that this eyebrow is not smear-proof, but it is worth money.

Maybelline New York, Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil

Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil goes on smoothly and provides a smudge-proof formula that it can stay for whole day. It has an ultra-thin tip so that you can create a concise natural brow resulting in a soft finished look.

VDL, Festival Brow Pencil

We have to believe that angled tip eyebrow helps to draw a very flexible and natural line. VDL brow pencil is designed with a triangle shape which is easy to draw a perfect brow line. The smooth pigment provides a long lasting colour and smudge-proof. It comes with a brush applicator makes your brow look more natural.

Anastasia Brow Wiz

Anastasia brow wiz provides a wide range of colors you can choose one which is best match to your skin tone and hair color. It comes with a spoolie brush that is used to blend the pigment into the skin and creates smooth and even eyebrows. This product is a bit expensive though.

Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencil

Shiseido eyebrow pencil has a variety of perfect colors with superb pigment, which shapes your brow into a fine line and the brush head blends well to create a natural result. It is easy to apply and the color can last for all day without smearing.

Shu Uemura Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil

Shu Uemura hard formula eyebrow pencil is actually one of the top 5 best selling Shu Uemura products. Shu Uemura is famous for its eyebrow pencil as it gives a real natural finish look to the brow. The hard formula is easy for you to control the color you want, either soft or heavy. The colour will not come out on the back of your hand, but it will release only when it directly contacts with natural oil in the brows. People do not even notice that you are applying the eyebrows make-up. The hard formula eyebrow need to be sharpened depend on your usage, and it can only done by the Shu Uemura technician (free of charge) or you can have it done with a sharpener, Shu Uemura Brow:sword.

Seal Brown is a perfect color if you want to have a natural brows. Shu Uemura eyebrow is a costly product, but it has become the favorite product for many makeup artists and customers. Though it is very pricey, the pencil can last you for a very long time, so it is excellent value for money.

Eyebrows are important to add a volume to the entire face. Get a suitable eyebrow shape and color help to make your face look more attractive. You also need to regularly trim the brows so that it looks tidy and easy for make-up.

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