Best Weighted Arm Sleeves (New – 2019 Edition)

Give your workouts a helping hand with weighted arm sleeves. They’re a simple, effective way to burn calories while boosting the strength of your arms, core and more.

Weighed arm sleeves seem simple, but there’s a bit of an art to picking the right one for your needs. Not sure which ones are best, or not quite sure what they are? We’ve rounded up the ten best weighted arm sleeves for 2019:

Valeo Adjustable Arm Weights

This pair of adjustable weights can fit on your forearms or ankles for additional resistance during walking, running or practically any other type of workout. Each weight holds five two-pound sandbags. They can be easily added or removed to adjust the total weight between two and 10 pounds.

Self-gripping Velcro allows for an easy, precise fit. The double-strap has an adjustable metal D-ring to keep the weights snug and secure even during intense, active exercise.

Overall, Valeo’s weights are a comfortable choice. They’re padded with a non-abrasive lining. You can wear them against your bare skin without worrying about chafing or irritation.

Although designed for both ankles and arms, the arm sleeves are usually the better option for high-intensity workouts. The weights can be a bit bulky when attached to the legs and usually interfere with fast, long-distance running.

Verdict: With adjustable weights and a snug fit, Valeo’s weights are a great choice for athletes of all skill levels, including beginning athletes striving for big goals.

SPRI Wrist Weights (Three Pound Set)

Slim, sporty and secure, this set of weighted arm sleeves is a great fit for both men and women. They stay secure and snug even during fairly intense running and cardio.

They’re made from a lightweight, Nylon sleeve. It’s breathable and moisture-wicking so you can wear it against your bare skin without irritation. It’s also thin enough to fit underneath most light jackets and loose long-sleeved shirts.

With removable weight segments, the sleeve’s total weight can be adjusted between one and one-and-a-half pounds. An adjustable closure keeps them tightly secured on practically any size wrist.

It’s a good choice for both men and women of practically any skill level. The lightweight and adjustable fit works well for physical therapy, too.

Verdict: They’re perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable, slim set of arm sleeves with an adjustable, but not overwhelming, amount of weight.

Empower Wrist Weights

Empower’s sports gear is inspired by the small but mighty hummingbird. The gear fits snugly but comfortably on even smaller body frames.

They’re a great choice if you’re looking to tone your arms while walking or cross-training. The set includes two weights each weighing 1.5 pounds. They’re each 11.25 inches long by 4.75 wide by a thin three-quarters of an inch high.

Made from stretchy neoprene, the weights won’t chafe your skin. They wick away sweat to help keep your skin dry. A Velcro closure ensures a precise fit.

Reinforced double stitching holds the weight compartments securely closed. Instead of beach sand, they use higher-quality iron sand, which retains a more even weight distribution.

Aside from the two wrist weights, the set also includes Empower’s custom workout guide with easy-to-follow exercise programs and ideas for all skill levels. Empower is a proud woman-centered business dedicated to helping busy women achieve their fitness goals.

Verdict: An easy way to add resistance and tone your arm while walking, running or exercising. Created to meet the needs of busy, active women.

j/fit Wrist Weights

Not every weighted sleeve is designed for the hardcore athlete. These wrist weights from j/fit are small and comfortable enough to wear around the house. Turn daily chores into a strength-boosting workout.

Sometimes one-size-fits-all isn’t the best option. These weights are ideal for anyone with small wrists and forearms.

They only add a pound of weight, which makes them ideal for the elderly or anyone capable of only light to moderate exercise.

The weights are made from durable, comfortable neoprene. Velcro closures ensure a secure fit. Plus, Velcro is often easy to fasten and unfasten even for someone with limited grip strength.

Verdict: A slim, comfortable wrist weight which fits on small to medium hands. Great for light workouts, physical therapy and even treating tremors.

Gaiam Wrist Weights

For over 25 years Gaiam has developed fitness products for users of all skill levels. While there’s nothing particularly fancy about these wrist weights, there’s not much to complain about, either. They’re solid, comfortable and well-made.

The set includes two 1.5 pound weights. With high-quality stitching and durable materials, your weights will stay in great shape even after heavy use outdoors.

One size fits most. Velcro straps keep the weighs snug against your arms even during intense exercise with lots of arm movements.

Verdict: A durable pair of weights suitable for all skill levels.

Vive Ankle and Wrist Weight St

Boost your strength with every step of your feet and swing of your arms. Vive’s set of ankle and wrist weights is suitable for both sexes and any skill level. It’s appropriate for all sorts of general exercises.

The neoprene blend is soft, durable and latex-free. It’s a very breathable sleeve. Double-stitching and waterproof material make it a solid option for outdoor, all-weather use.

Unlike a lot of the gear on our list, the weights here are adjustable. Each sleeve holds up to five one-pound sand packets for a total of five pounds per wrist. An individual pouch holds each weight securely. You can distribute weights for maximum comfort (for example, weight on the outside of your arm might pull on your shoulders).

A metal D-ring keeps the weights secure even if you’re moving your arms around. Straps accommodate wrists up to 13.5 inches around.

Verdict: A comfortable, well-made set of ankle and wrist weights with adjustable weights.

Da Vinci Adjustable Weights

Available in six vibrant colors, these sleek wrist weights are certainly eye-catching. They’re soft against skin and won’t chafe even after heavy activity and lots of arm motion. Plus, the cloth interior pulls moisture away from your skin. The breathable, lightweight design is a major strength of these weights.

They’re in pairs ranging from two to 10 pounds. Each weight is half of the set, so a 10-pound set has two five-pound weights. Note the weights aren’t adjustable.

Another highlight here is the Velcro tightening band. While many wrist weights use Velcro, Da Vinci puts quite a bit of care into their fastening system. The Velcro incorporates into the design, so the weight’s shape helps keep itself closed.

Verdict: A soft pair of weights with bright colors which have a secure Velcro fastener. They can also be used as ankle weights.

TheraBand Ankle Weights

The materials in arm weights make a big difference, and there’s a lot to like about what’s found in these weights from TheraBand.

They have a soft, non-abrasive interior which absorbs moisture and allows for plenty of natural air flow. At the same time, the neoprene exterior is tear-resistant and durable. Plus, the exterior has reflective trim to help you stay visible at night.

You won’t have a problem with the weights sliding around, even during high-intensity training. A Velcro strap pulls through a buckle for two fasteners in one.

Verdict: Compact with a neoprene exterior, these are easy weights to use for strength training and rehabilitation.

Zensufu Ankle or Wrist Weights

Get enlightened with these heavenly weights from Zensufu. They’re soft, durable and available in a variety of fun colors.

The adjustable straps fit wrists and ankles of practically any size. Each weight is a slim, single pound which is perfect for adding a welcome bit of resistance for practically any exercise.

Looking for workout gear you can take on the road? These weights have their own black travel pouch.

Verdict: Adjustable and durable, this pair of weights are perfect for a whole range of exercises.

Tone-y-Bands Wearable Wrist Weights

Not many other wrist weights look like these from Tone-y-Bands. Instead of nylon, neoprene or cloth, they’re made from a flexible silicone similar to the watchband on a fitness tracker. They’re comfortable, durable, and stay dry and odor-free.

Instead of sand or iron, the band is weighted with stainless steel. It’s adjustable. Stainless steel squares can be added or removed from the band in one-ounce increments.

Verdict: Styled like a watch or bracelet, these wearable bands are an interesting alternative to traditional cloth-covered wrist weights.

Bonus #11 – Protective Arm Sleeve by Yosoo

While this isn’t the best gear for working out, it is a fun example of a unique weighted arm sleeve with something different to offer. Yosoo’s arm sleeve looks like a standard weighted arm sleeve – but it’s actually strong enough to resist knives.

It’s made from stainless steel wire and high-quality polyester. Flexible and breathable, it’ll block direct slashes and stabs from knives, glass and other sharp objects. It’s got a fair amount of heft to it, too, making it a high-tech alternative to a traditional arm sleeve.

Verdict: Using stainless steel and a special chemical construction, this weighted sleeve doubles as a personal protection device.

Bonus #12 – Hand Speed Trainer Baseball

While these aren’t the right weighed sleeves for everyone, they’re perfect for baseball players of any skill level or age. By adding extra weight during practice, you’ll develop the strength and muscle memory to smash fastballs on gameday.

The set includes two sleeves, four eight-ounce weights, four four-ounce weights, a mesh bag, and a training manual. The sleeves are made from top-grade neoprene. It slides onto the forearm resting just below the elbow to allow a full range of movement. Two elastic straps help keep the sleeve in place.

By switching the amount and placement of the weights, you can train specific muscle groups without having to change your swing.

Note that sizing does matter because the fastener isn’t very adjustable. You’ll need to measure the diameter of your forearm below your elbow to find the right size.

Verdict: Hit homers out of the park with this specialized weighted arm speed made for baseball training.

What are Weighted Arm Sleeves?

Before we jump into the list, let’s take a look at what weighted arm sleeves are, because the name can be confusing. You’ve almost certainly seen weighted arm sleeves on someone at the gym or even someone walking around your neighborhood. They’re weights wrapped in strong, stretchable material.

The name is confusing because they’re not always worn on the arms. Another name for “weighed arm sleeves” is “wrist weights.” Usually weighing only a few pounds, these weights are typically used for low-impact exercise like walking. They can even be worn to spice up boring household chores.

Some weighed arm sleeves are longer with thinner weights which cover more of your upper arm. These are commonly used by athletes such as baseball players and golfers. Adding weight to your arms helps improve the power and accuracy of your swing.

Finally, you can also find weighted sleeves which covers your wrists, lower and upper arms. They’ll have an open section so you can bend your elbow. This type of sleeve is mainly found in MMA training.

What are the Benefits of Weighted Arm Sleeves?

Adding even a small amount of weight to your arms can have big benefits. It doesn’t just improve arm strength but also helps develop muscles throughout the chest, core, and back.

Weight also helps with physical rehabilitation. Many seniors benefit from exercises using wrist weights of one or two pounds. If you don’t have the grip strength to hold a weight safely, a wrist weight is a safe and effective alternative.

How are the Best Products Determined?

Here’s the thing about all types of weighted arm sleeves and wrist weights: They’re not much to look at. For the most part, they’re just bags of sand or thin weights placed inside stretchable material. But every detail makes a difference.

When selecting arm sleeves for our list, we took a careful look at each of the following:


The outer material is typically nylon or Lycra. It needs to be soft against your skin and able to wick away sweat. Plus, it should be breathable, especially if it’s large and covers parts of your arm.

Additionally, the material needs to be durable. If you run outdoors, they need to be tough enough to withstand an occasional snag from a branch or other hazard.

Also, make sure they can hold the amount of weight you want to use without straining. This can be an issue if you’re adding extra weight to a smaller sleeve. Choose gear with double-stitching for the most secure holding power.


When you put the weights on, they should stay securely attached. Velcro is the most common fastener because it’s secure and allows the most adjustability. Buckle fasteners usually aren’t ideal because they have pre-created holes, so you can’t get as tight a fit as Velcro.


Neoprene and other smooth fabrics are generally easier to keep clean. They’ll wick sweat away. Cloth materials wick sweat away, too, but the sweat can stick around inside the gear and stink.

Most wrist and arm sleeves can be thrown in the washing machine, but you’ll want to check the tag for specific care instructions. Also, always remove weights before putting any gear in a washing machine.


Weighted sleeves can have either set or adjustable weight limits. Most smaller sleeves, like one or two pounds, will have set weight limits. Larger wrist weights hold more weight, from five to 10 pounds.

Small sand bags and metal plates are the two most common types of weights. If the weight is adjustable, you’ll add or remove individual plates to reach the specific weight you want.

Adjustable wrist weights should have 2 features:

  1. Each bag or plate should be as light as possible to give you the most flexibility when setting the weight.
  2. The bags or plates should each fit into an individual compartment on the sleeves to avoid uneven weight distribution.

When Should Wrist Weights Be Worn?

They can be worn just about anywhere! A major benefit of wrist weights and arm sleeves is how easy they are to wear.

For low-intensity exercises like walking and yoga, you can choose gear based on comfort. The weights are unlikely to fly off your wrist even if the weight isn’t distributed evenly or the fastener isn’t very tight.

However, the quality of the fastener becomes much more important during high-intensity exercise. Cross-fit, martial arts, and sports all involve fast, sweeping arm movements. You’ll want wrist weights which stay secure even if your arms are moving and your skin is sweaty.

Wrist and arm weights are also great to wear around the house. Many stay-at-home moms of young kids don’t have time to go somewhere to exercise, even though they’re staying active all day long. Adding some weights helps to turn your everyday routine into a workout routine.

Plus, strapping weights to your arms keeps your hands free. If you’re working out around the house, you can still clean, cook or do whatever you need to do. If you’re working out outdoors, your hands are free to carry a water bottle, keys or personal items.

In Conclusion

Sometimes the simplest, most low-tech solutions are the best. Strapping weights to your arms and wrists isn’t the most cutting-edge technique, but it is easy and effective.

Even better, wrist weights and arm sleeves help men and women of all skill levels. Not only do major league athletes benefit but so do senior citizens and anyone with mobility issues.

Carefully consider the quality of the construction and materials used. Look for double stitching, individual weight storage, stretchable material, and secure fastening. A small amount of weight can make a big difference in your workout routine!

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