Top 10 Best Survival Knives In 2016

Survival knives should never be missing from the arsenal of someone that enjoys spending time out in the nature. It is that universal accessory that can be used for almost anything and when there isn’t one around panic starts to settle in. Fortunately they are not that expensive and enthusiasts usually own more than one. Out of all of the 10 have been rounded up into the following list based on their price, durability and build quality. Here are the top 10 best survival knives in 2016.

Whetstone Cutlery The Vermillion Survival Knife

The Whetstone Cutlery is actually a survival knife that comes as a kit with a lot of accessories included. It comes with a forged stainless steel blade and a serrated saw back. Inside the package the vendor has included a compass, a sharpening stone, matches, a sheath and several other items that complement the entire kit. There are more affordable models out there but they do not come with so many extras.

Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife

Schrade’s SCHF9 is more of a professional grade knife with a solid built and a gorgeous design. It has a 6.4 inch blade and a 5.6 inch handle making it compact but large enough. It weighs just 15.9 ounces and comes with a nylon sheath. The blade itself is made of high durability carbon steel that prevents any kind of corrosive damage and stays sharp for a long period of time. It is a must have for anyone that is into high quality survival knvives.

Rothco Deluxe Adventurer Survival Kit Knife

The ones that never owned a survival knife before should start with something like the Rothco kit. It has all the basic accessories and extras that one would need. Inside the package users will find a sharpening weight stone, bandages, a hook, sinkers, a fish line, a small harpoon, a signal mirror, a pencil and several other useful items. The knife itself is sturdy and well-built with a stainless steel blade and a good handle with great grip.

Elite Forces Survival Bowie Knife

Bowie Knife by Elite Forces imitates the type of knife used by military troops by having a similar design and build quality. It has a solid grip handle covered in rubber and a stainless steel 7 inch blade painted in black that prevents solar glares. The model comes with its own hard molded sheath that can be attached to a belt. The handle also comes with a strap to secure it to the user’s wrist.

Survivor HK-690

The Survivor HK-690 series is a popular survival kit that comes with several basic accessories. The kit includes a small compass, several matches, a small plastic recipient with a lid, a fishing line, a hook and several other items. The blade of the knife is pained in black and it is made of stainless steel while the handle is made of a plastic cylinder that offers a decent grip. For extra safety the model also includes a nylon sheath.

Gerber 31-000751

Gerber 31-000751 is a great looking survival knife with its black handle with orange accents and its stainless steel blade also painted in black. The knife comes with a useful sheath that includes a whistle and a key ground patch. A fire starter is also included with the knife as well as a diamond sharpener. The model is a bit more expensive than others but it offers premium quality of craftsmanship and a great design.

Amazon Jungle Survival Knife with Sheath

Despite being an extremely affordable knife the Amazon Jungle offers great value for money. It is very well built with its sharp stainless steel blade with black painted accents and its simple yet excellent handle. The handle itself is wrapped in a cord and has a compass built-in. As a bonus users will get several useful items such as matches, a fishing line, a hook and a leather sheath.


The MTECH USA MT-086 is a great looking knife with a rather simple design that makes it a great companion for a nature outbreak. It has a stainless steel blade painted in black and a lack plastic handle covered in rubber for an improved grip. The blade measures 7 inches while the handle is about 5.1 inches. Included in the package users will get a nylon belt sheath to help keep the blade stored safely.

Maxam Survival Knife

The Maxam survival knife is a simple yet deadly tool. The knife itself is made completely out of stainless steel including the handle. A compass is built-in the handle that can be removed by unscrewing it. The full kit includes and additional throwing knife, a small harpoon, matches, a fishing line, a hook, a needle, a crayon and several bandages.

Survivor Outdoor Fixed Blade Knife

Survivor offers a great knife for a rather low price. The Outdoor fixed blade knife is partially a throwing knife with some of the particularities of a survival knife. The blade and handle are made of stainless steel measuring 7 inches in total. For extra grip the handle has been wrapped in a cord. Like most other knives the model comes with its own sheath and a fire starter.


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Derrick - February 29, 2016

Great article! Do you believe the Survivor Outdoor Fixed Blade Knife to be the best on the list? It’s looks great and I’m looking to buy one for my brother in law. (Through your link, of course!)

Thanks for all of the helpful information on our site!


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